A true midnight rodeo

In Austin they have this place “Midnight Rodeo” that plays a lot of country music.  Well here in Durango, we just got back from a place that has a true rodeo at midnight.  It was interesting to say the least. 

Everyone starts inside listening to music and then just before midnight, two large doors open in the back and everyone is funneled through.  We walked through a small tunnel like entrance and we found ourselves in the middle of a rodeo arena.  People were packed in the bleachers and the majority of guys were in cowboy hats and boots. 

After some small fireworks and flames coming from the ground the bull riding began.  It was all bull riding, and near the end one of the clowns took a head shot right in his stomach and was thrown a bit – but he seemed ok and walked away. 

After it was over (there seemed to be no points, clock, or winner) everyone filed back in and the music continued.  It was quite an experience, and it was most interesting how the entire crowd seemed to be having the time of their lives.  This apparently happens every Saturday night.  The people were extremely friendly to us group of Americans and the staff wanted to make sure that we had anything that we needed and that nobody ever bothered us. 

It was a true Durango, Mexico experience tonight. 

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