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The WordPress Agency and Freelancer Guide To CRMs

Every business that provides a service needs a CRM – we learned this the hard way. Don’t be like us. If you take nothing else away from this post, the most important idea is that if you don’t separate ‘sales’ from the rest of your business, it will suffer. One-person freelancers, agencies, and other businesses…

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A New WordPress Editor Is Coming, Here Is Our Plan

For the past two years, the WordPress community has been hard at work on re-thinking and re-designing the way we all create and edit content in WordPress posts and pages. The code name for this project has been ‘Gutenberg’, and it will be released in the next major version of WordPress in as soon as a…

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WPMU DEV And WordCamps – Starting With WCUS 2018!

When it comes to WordCamps, we are longtime listeners, first-time callers. What I mean is that from early on, we have enjoyed attending and occasionally speaking at different camps around the world, but besides a few smaller exceptions, we’ve not really gone ‘all in’ on sponsoring. That’s changing for us in a pretty big way…

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HighEdWeb 2018 – Here We Come!

One of our favorite events of the year is just around the corner – HighEdWeb. Developers, designers, marketers, and folks that work on the web at colleges and universities will be gathering in Sacramento, California from October 21-24. We’re thrilled to be a sponsor again, and if you will be there, please stop by and…

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Exclusive Discounts And Partnerships For Our Members

We are excited to finally make this thing officially official! In case you missed it, last week we published our roadmap for the rest of 2018. There is a ton of product stuff in there, some of which is so big, we can’t even tell you just yet. This week, we want to share one…

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Everything you need to know to get started with Divi

In April of this year we announced a pivot to our business model. We decided to say goodbye to Upfront, our unique solution to the problem of visual web design within WordPress. We did this to narrow our focus. To work exclusively on the aspect of our business that has always been our strongest suit:…

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WPCampus Conference, Livestream, and Podcast

We’re excited to be headed to St. Louis next week for the 3rd annual WPCampus conference! For those not able to attend, we invite you to join in on the live stream for free, which we’re happy to be a sponsor. You can see the schedule and learn more here at Sessions will be…

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