Some Favorite Posts

  • An Eventful 2021
    We had a great year! Decided to play with Jetpack’s Story block for the first time… Here’s to a healthy and fun 2022 to all!
  • 11.5 Great Years, Here’s To What’s Next
    It is a bittersweet day. After 11.5 years, it is my last as an Incsubber. Leaving behind colleagues that have become family and not being just a Slack message away for the customers I’ve gotten to know deeply will be hard.
  • Dear Kids, Let’s Not Forget 2020
    Dear O, A, and L, You 3 are all young enough that you probably won’t remember most (or any) of 2020. It was eventful, both good and bad, and I wanted to put some thoughts and memories here in hopes that we look back on it in the years and decades ahead.
  • Democratizing Education With WordPress
    This is a companion post to a talk I gave yesterday at WordCamp Europe 2019 – the largest conference of its kind for the web and WordPress community. What follows is somewhere between a transcript of the presentation and a blog post.
  • School Shootings: No More Thoughts and Prayers
    Earlier today, yet another tragic shooting took place at one of our schools here in America. As our leaders offer up more thoughts and prayers, precious lives continue to be ended in such horrific and unthinkable ways.
  • Tip: How To Begin Every Single Parent Conference
    This post is part of the #EdublogsClub series – a weekly prompt around a common theme. This week’s prompt is “parents“. I’ve had the good fortune of working with many great educators, all of whom I’ve learned from along the way. One of those teachers is Lucinda, who was our 8th grade team leaderContinue reading “Tip: How To Begin Every Single Parent Conference”