Some Favorite Posts

  • Are Teachers Replaceable? My Review Playing With Khan Academy’s New AI
    If I was still a classroom teacher, I could see myself benefiting from using Khanmigo to help plan nearly every lesson. It is that good.
  • Gamify Your Content
    This is a companion post to a session at WordCamp US 2022. Here is a link to the slides (opens in a new tab). Gamification is the adding of game elements to non-games to motivate and engage. We typically think of gamification as game mechanics like points, leaderboards and badges, but game experiences areContinue reading “Gamify Your Content”
  • An Eventful 2021
    We had a great year! Decided to play with Jetpack’s Story block for the first time… Here’s to a healthy and fun 2022 to all!
  • 11.5 Great Years, Here’s To What’s Next
    It is a bittersweet day. After 11.5 years, it is my last as an Incsubber. Leaving behind colleagues that have become family and not being just a Slack message away for the customers I’ve gotten to know deeply will be hard.
  • Dear Kids, Let’s Not Forget 2020
    Dear O, A, and L, You 3 are all young enough that you probably won’t remember most (or any) of 2020. It was eventful, both good and bad, and I wanted to put some thoughts and memories here in hopes that we look back on it in the years and decades ahead.
  • Democratizing Education With WordPress
    This is a companion post to a talk I gave yesterday at WordCamp Europe 2019 – the largest conference of its kind for the web and WordPress community. What follows is somewhere between a transcript of the presentation and a blog post.