First Two Weeks of School!

Two weeks of school already! We flew in one month ago today!

I’m sitting in the newly created teacher’s office at the end of the second Friday of the school year.

I have last period free, but I still have to stick around until after three and all of the kids have left. Today I’m actually tutoring the only two non-Mexican American students that I have that are preparing to take the SAT’s. So, I have to wait for them and thought I would write a little. We have been crazy busy the past few weeks with school. It is really nice to have a daily routine and to be working again.

Things have been improving at the school, but it hasn’t been exactly the best start to a year. Things are quite a bit unorganized around here. I found out which classroom I was teaching in over an hour AFTER school had already started. I only found out my room, because I went into a room and said it was mine. We were told we would have room assignments over a week before school was to begin. This is just one example of the complete disorganization of the school.

The students are good, mostly polite, but really like to talk. For the most part, they are all pretty smart and well behaved though. It is rough teaching six different classes. High school students are a bit more judgmental and they don’t seem to respond to the same humor either.

We still really do like the city, and we have found some great food! Caldillo Duranguense is a cross between chili and stew and is extremely good. And there is always all the tortillas you can eat!

I’m a little sad about missing the first football game this weekend…and it won’t be on TV here. I’ll have to settle on listening to it online. I’m pretty sure it won’t be much of a game against UNT. I’m hoping the Ohio State game will be on…

Check out the updated pictures if you’re interested!

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