The Countdown Begins!

Less than a month away! We have 13 days until the wedding, then it’s off to Playa del Carmen for almost a week, then in Austin/Houston/Huntsville for a week or so, and then our flight to Durango leaves at 6pm from Houston on August 1st! We have a lot going on this month!

We are all moved out of the apartment and our parents were all extremely wonderful and helpful with the move and with storage of all of our stuff. I’ve been lugging a lot of the same things around since I moved into Jester 6 years ago – each year moving again. I can’t wait for a few years to settle down and never move again!

We’ve heard that in Durango we will live just across the street from the school – which will help since we won’t have a car. I can’t imagine life without a daily 20+ minute commute to work, but I guess I’m about to find out.

I’m still at camp until Friday, July 14th. I wasn’t able to help Erika out too much with the move or with last minute wedding plans – I know she has been taking on a lot! Where on the down hill stretch now! Thank you to everyone that is helping us out and making our wedding and the move possible! We are extremely great full! Happy Independence Day!

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