All official!

Sent in our contracts today and we have told our schools that we will not be back – we are now officially going! It’s a very exciting time knowing that in a few months we will be married and living in Mexico! It is also sad leaving our schools and all of our family and friends. But, we have one life to live and we are going to live it up!

Found out today that sending a fax to Mexico isn’t all that easy. Office Depot wanted to charge 8 dollars a page and we had five pages to send. I searched around and found where I was able to scan in my documents and fax it all for a whopping $1.20. Not too bad. We’ve been researching internet phones and cell phones too. Looks like staying in touch won’t be that hard or expensive at all.

We’ve heard back from a couple of teachers that teach at the school in Durango, and so far, everything sounds great! The teachers all live just a few blocks from the school and can easily walk downtown. Now we are just trying to make a decision about taking a car or not. It would be convenient, but not necessary…probably no car.

There are flights from Houston right into Durango, and both Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta could be reached by bus for us on a long weekend, so start making plans to come on down! If you’re feeling adventurous, buses leave from Houston and Austin every day and only take 22 hours for about 90 dollars each way!

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