last pizza

Well, Dexter and I are sitting here pretty calm, even though tomorrow’s the big day! It’s about time, too! The last few days of visiting family have been nice, but hard at the same time as we’ve anxiously awaited the move. I’ll be so ready to finally see the city and the house that we will be living in! I have just a vague picture of the city in my head from a handful of pictures that I’ve seen, and as for the “house,” we have absolutely no idea whether it’s really a house, or an apartment, town home, cabana, shack, or what! Ronnie is lying here next to me reading “Breaking Out of Beginner’s Spanish” trying to pack as much Spanish in as possible before tomorrow! He’s worried about the reflexives. I’m telling him not to worry- he’ll get along just fine without them. Well, I had my last American pizza today. How traumatizing! It was so good, too! And my last root beer…you can’t find root beer in Mexico : ( Ok, now Ronnie is brushing up on his 4-letter words in Spanish…
Alright, well back to my Free Cell game, and then to bed! Last night in America for awhile…

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