11.5 Great Years, Here’s To What’s Next

It is a bittersweet day. After 11.5 years, it is my last as an Incsubber. We put the power of web publishing in the hands of 100s of thousands of students with Edublogs, we supported the missions of hundreds of the best universities and schools in the world with CampusPress, and at WPMU DEV, weContinue reading “11.5 Great Years, Here’s To What’s Next”

Expectant dad refused health insurance

I’m livid. I’m also¬†happily¬†self-employed. This means that until government-regulated health insurance exchanges are setup in 364 days, I’m on my own and at the mercy of health insurance companies for coverage. This has been fine and well until now. But, you see, my only crime is that my wife is pregnant. We’re expecting our firstContinue reading “Expectant dad refused health insurance”