Tip: How To Begin Every Single Parent Conference

This post is part of the #EdublogsClub series – a weekly prompt around a common theme. This week’s prompt is “parents“. I’ve had the good fortune of working with many great educators, all of whom I’ve learned from along the way. One of those teachers is Lucinda, who was our 8th grade team leader myContinue reading “Tip: How To Begin Every Single Parent Conference”

Minimalism and Teaching in a 100 Year Old Bedroom

This post is part of the ongoing #EdublogsClub series. Check it out and learn more here. As a teacher, my classroom was no different than most. I’d cover the walls with paper and information everywhere – vocabulary word walls, student projects, inspirational posters – we would hang work from the ceiling. I even had aContinue reading “Minimalism and Teaching in a 100 Year Old Bedroom”

Expectant dad refused health insurance

I’m livid. I’m also happily self-employed. This means that until government-regulated health insurance exchanges are setup in 364 days, I’m on my own and at the mercy of health insurance companies for coverage. This has been fine and well until now. But, you see, my only crime is that my wife is pregnant. We’re expecting our firstContinue reading “Expectant dad refused health insurance”